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Welcome to the D'ivine Play experience!

D’ivine Play has worked on, and perfected, one of the most sought after and unique show style performances in America for the last decade plus. Whether performing for Governor inaugurations, nationally recognized corporate clients, casino main act shows, NFL/NBA/PGA groups and athletes, or celebrity weddings/events; they have continued to raise the bar on what live music/entertainment could, and should, be. 


Fun, elegant, professional…D’ivine, they can accommodate the most intimate of situations to the grandest of shows, all while customizing the experience to match the vision of the event. With pristine vocals, booming horns, pinpoint choreography, and customizable outfit changes, D’ivine Play defines next level entertainment. They have been the first to combine the raw musicianship and talent only available to New Orleans and the Gulf South, while applying the international show band elements so prevalent to the most successful show groups in the world.  Their medleys, set list, and performers are captivating and engaging, combining both new and old to appeal to all generations in the same breath.  D’ivine Play has been compared to the incredible show acts during Vegas’ heyday of live music, but with an unteachable “it” factor. 


As a Luxury “concept” band, D’ivine Play can work with their clients on producing a truly unique experience down to the  smallest detail, including tribute performances. Or you can just cut us loose for an incredible dance party that will have your guests talking for months after. 


D’ivine play starts as an 8 piece band with 3 front vocals and 2 horns. Upgrades to both band (horns, singers, back up dancers) and the production (varying lighting packages, video walls, etc) are available a la carte and we are only capped by your  imagination. Dream big, sit back, and watch us make it a reality!

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