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"I received John's contact from a co-worker of mine after he stood out to her from D Play's performances at many Pelicans Fests. I immediately reached out to him and basically got a response before I hit send. From then, his energy, professionalism, enthusiasm and willingness to adapt were very evident. I'd be lying to you if I said that I wasn't a little skeptical booking a band that I had only heard of once or twice for an event as big as our Saint Draft Boil which had almost 3,000 season ticket holders attending. But let me tell you, with risk comes great reward! John and everyone from D Play was tremendous! Prompt, took great direction, adapted on the fly tremendously and most of all made the people have fun! Oh! And the could I forget! They were terrific performers and gave us and our fans exactly what we were looking for. They brought it on every single song and created a great atmosphere for our season ticket holder." - Kyle Campbell Director of Game Day Entertainment for the New Orleans Saints

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